European first aid team competition FACE 2015

European competition in team first aid, FACE 2015, was held from 10th to 13th September 2015 in Bucharest, Romania. Senior team of the Red Cross Bujština, who represented the Republic of Croatia, participated in this prestigious and important event. On 28 spots positioned in one of the parks, of which as many as 14 were live demos, the team had to demonstrate acquired first aid knowledge and skills. The competition was extremely demanding and difficult, but first aid team from Buje showed exceptional skill and quality and received praise from the judges especially when it comes to organization and speed in treating injuries. Out of the top 28 teams from Europe, teams of Red Cross Bujština won an excellent 11th place. Financial support for these projects is important for the whole society, as it promotes humanity, impartiality and unity, recognized and sponsored by the Laserline. Congratulations to the Red Cross team Bujština for results and we wish them success in their future work.

Cycling marathon: Umag - Bratislava

Laserline Događaji - Biciklistički maraton Umag Bratislava 2015Charity bicycle marathon Umag - Bratislava started on 19 September 2015 from Umag. The initiator of this praiseworthy action Vlatko Možar along with colleague Filip Tišljarec, members of Police Force Umag, started cycling route to Bratislava. The goal of this charity action is to raise funds for the purchase of fast ultrasound apparatus and hematology analyzer for the emergency medical service of Umag, which would provide substantially increased efficiency and speed of diagnostics in emergency situations. Laserline has recognized the importance of this great idea for the whole community and provides financial support for the project. Laserline cycling team provided moral support on the start of the marathon and accompanied Vlatko and Filip on a long road ride for first 30km. Good luck guys!

Junior Umag football team successful in North league

Laserline Događaji - Umaški juniori prvaci ŽNL sjever 2015 Talented junior football players in Umag under the expert guidance of Mirko Jajić won the county championship football league - North. With parameters that have earned this range, the most effective attack and the best defense, their talent was confirmed with almost professional approach, which is why they announced the bright days for football in Umag. One of the companies that helped with donations for procurement of quality equipment of the club was Laserline. We bring you the text in croatian language (click on image to enlarge) which was published in the news magazine Bujština number 123 of 26 June 2015. Congratulations!

Summer volleyball school 2015

Laserline Događaji - Ljetna škola odbojke za djecu 2015Traditional summer volleyball school for children was held from 24th to 28th of July 2015 in Katoro, Umag, organized by Volleyball Club Melia Hotels Umag. Summer School was attended by 25 children who were thrilled by the school program. The project would not be possible without the help of sponsors, among which is Laserline, already for several years. Summer school of volleyball is traditional summer gatherings organized OK Melia Hotels Umag, which is organized for children of Umag and their guests who socialize through games and try this beautiful sport. Guided by coach, children learned the basics of volleyball and beach volleyball, enjoyed in the sports and also entertaining games and the water park in the Hotel Sol Umag. For those that liked the beach, after the beginning of the school year can join the OK Melia Hotels Umag club and continue to train volleyball throughout the year. Information about enrollment will be published by Facebook club page.

My-eBill Academy on croatian tour

Laserline Događaji - Moj e-Račun Akademija 2015

In June and July-Service My eAccount will conduct more than 30 professional education on eInvoice in all county centers in Croatia. As we approach the year 1 January 2016, when the planned compulsory introduction of eInvoice in public procurement in Croatia, in response to the directive on electronic invoicing in public procurement (2014/55 / ​​EU) by the European Parliament and the Council issued on the 16th April 2014, My-e-Invoicing service will set the number of professional training titled My-Invoicing Academy with the aim to inform and empower the largest possible number of companies to move to e-Invoicing. In fact, experience has shown that, despite the fact that in Croatia today, tens of thousands of businesses every day to send and receive e-Invoicing, there is still a large number of those who are losing significant resources to a paper bill or, even worse, receiving or sending illegal '' eAccount ' 'in the form of non-certified PDF documents. In order to avoid these costly pitfalls and that, regardless of the size of the company, all with the necessary education on e-Invoicing, service My-e-Invoicing and launched My-Invoicing Academy, the only such training to market participants that the theoretical and practical part of you to learn all about e-Invoicing at home and abroad, with particular emphasis on the EU learns to distinguish them from illegal real eInvoice, and provides specific practical knowledge of sending and receiving eInvoice. Lecture and practical workshops, which lead most prominent Croatian experts for e-Invoicing, especially designed for accountants, IT sector and their management in order to fully recognize the benefits that they bring e-Invoicing, among other things, reduce costs, accelerate business processes, faster and more reliable delivery of accounts and simpler Storage of received and sent bills. What would have happened to the company unprepared welcome change (for the better) that will inevitably come, you need to educate yourself today and forever change the ways of doing business that take time and money, as it has done for more than 500 companies from all areas of Croatian , that with its slightly less than three thousand students have attended the Academy My-e-Invoicing in the past year. When will my-e-Invoicing Academy held near you, you can learn at while for participation can sign up by clicking on the button Login at Moj-eRačun Academy

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