Laser*CRM CRM (Customer Relationship Management) - a system of customer relationship management - falls into the category of BI (Business Intelligence) system - the system of business intelligence. CRM is primarily a business concept (and a very old business concept, customer / client / user sets the focus of interest). What makes it specific in relation to other business concepts is the need for a strong IT support to implement such a concept was implemented in modern business. Customer relationship management (CRM) is becoming a means of differentiation and a key competitive weapon in the modern competition. Organizational readiness of companies to manage relationships with clients including business culture oriented towards customers and strong software support.

Laser CRM software platform is a base over which to build the whole infrastructure that supports the concept of CRM. It consists of the following layers:

  • operating (evidence of basic customer master data, enter data on the interactions with customers, integration with other modules LASERLINE ERP system: TRS, HIS, MAT)
  • analytical (OLAP analysis, standard LASERLINE analysis reports - with the aim of providing decision support),
  • Collaborative (establishing contacts and interaction with customers through all communication channels and media, the connection with the call centers, connection with WEB-infection, self-service applications for customers).

The system is designed for two key industries that Laserline as a company engaged in for many years: trade and catering and hotel management.

Functions of CRM system

Records of clients

List of clients with a large number of pre-planned data. The possibility of segmentation, grouping, separation. The records of the consents to the use of personal data. Arbitrary inclusion of additional attributes. Export data into other applications, import customer data from various sources (applications, databases, database newsletter, website registration).

Management Loyalty Cards

Joining the card, the abolition of the card, card manipulation. Personalization of cards. The records collected points. Rules for collecting points. Manipulation of points (utilization, transfer). Discounts, action. Performance statistics action.

Support in decision making

Special Data Mart for CRM analysis. Performance analysis of OLAP Data Mart. Graphical representations of performance indicators. Monitoring the profitability of customers, departments, products, and other dimensions. Comparisons of time. Stats.

The system of automated control

BAM (Business Activity Monitoring) is a concept embedded in a LASERLINE ERP, including the CRM subsystem. Subscribers to the notification can be via e-mail to provide information about any anomalies in system operation, as well as any occurrence detektiranoj in the database, which is interesting given group of users (for example, decrease or increase in purchases, notification of the beginning or end of action, etc.) . The same technology is used for sending messages to clients who are either subscribed to the message or messages to a pleasant surprise (birthday cards, invitations to tastings, information on planned actions and the like).


Web module is build together with our partner specializing in web development. Services necessary for the CRM module integrated into the existing design, it is not intended to jeopardize the concept of corporate web sites. Support for these services is in the CRM module that is installed on a separate server.

Links to the rest of LASERLINE ERP system

  • Laser TRS : defining the rules of loyalty schemes and the transfer rules of POS system (the rules for credits, discounts, actions), statistics and analysis based on individual retail accounts.
  • Laser HIS : CRM customer recognition at the reception, taking over the hotel guests in the CRM system, based on analysis of customer traffic.
  • Laser MAT : recognition of CRM customer in restaurants, special offers, discounts and actions for known customers or customer groups.
  • Call Center: was link to the Cisco IPCC headquarters - currently identifying the client caller, records activities with the client.
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