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Integrated Information System

integracijaL aserline is an IT company which has built a solid foundation in the 20-year experience of designing and building information systems and 15-year experience of developing its own ERP system that fully meets all the needs of customers in business management.

Our core business and development is primarily focused on complete engineering in the implementation of integrated information systems using the latest in computer technology.

Our solutions cover several business industries such as hotel management, catering, trade, distribution and service activities.

One of the main characteristics of Laserline IT system is multilingualism which enables us to implement our solutions on international markets.

Laser Line Ltd. is a certified Oracle Partner with over fifteen years experience working with Oracle database and tools used for development of our IT solutions.

Main characteristic that makes Laserline IT system an ideal solution is the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) module that integrates all business processes into a single unit. This provides an ideal and transparent flow of information and gives you control of the information flow not only within a single business organization but for entire enterprise.

Laserline has developed its own Customer Relationship Management module which is implemented in the hotel and trade industry. In order to optimally support sales, we developed Contact Center module rely on the Laser*CRM and includes extended functions of Call Centre. Our flagship product is Business Intelligence module Laser * BI which represents culmination of the whole concept as personalized business intelligence system tailored to the needs of each user.

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Laser Line LTD is Information Technology company with over 20 years of experience in designing and building information systems
Laserline ERP system brings a complete integration of all business processes and functions in the hotel industry and commerce
With it's team of designers, consultants, system engineers, developers and other IT professionals, Laserline provides a variety of services in information technology
In over 20 years of existence, Laserline has implemented its own IT solutions for large number of companies in hotel industry and trade markets
Our team of experts will help you solve problems or give you advice in implementing IT system. Find out where we are and how to contact us
If you are young, communicative, dynamic, and like team work in a successful IT company using the latest in information technology, contact us
Information about the events that we sponsor, social projects that we support and activities carried out outside the company

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