antivirus tmpartner Laser Line is using antivirus and antispam solutions from Trend Micro for many years and the same solutions we recommend and implement as an authorized Trend Micro Affinity Partner , in cooperation with the local distributor Veracomp.

Trend Micro is one of the oldest anti-virus companies (founded in 1988) and market leader worldwide in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčantivirus / antispam protection on Internet gateway solutions, holding 41% of the world market. With 1800 employees the company is a technological leader in its field with solutions used by leading IT companies.

Trend Micro Enterprise Protection Strategy (EPS) is a set of technologies that include the prevention of malicious code entry into the information systems allowing you to quickly deactivate malware in the event of activation and infection.

Protecting all possible entry points of viruses on the network, Trend Micro offers customers a complete antivirus and security solution for several groups of products: desktop PC protection, networked workstations and LAN servers, groupware and mail server, and Internet gateway.

The main advantage of Trend Micro solutions is the centralized management and administration of entire product line through a web browser. Some of the important features are:

  • antivirus Centralized monitoring and management of individual or all products through the Control Manager solution
  • Centralized or distributed update with the intelligent algorithms for trafficdistribution
  • All points of entry of malicious code are covered products: internet gateway, desktop, file server, mail server, groupware systems
  • Outbreak management system to prevent and control viral attack incidents
  • Special solutions for the SMB (small and medium business) segment: a comprehensive security solution with easy installation and maintenance
  • Quick response and update virus definitions
  • Advanced heuristic and blacklist-based anti-spam protection integrated with the rest of the system
  • Web Reputation protects against access to hazardous material through the internet
  • SmartScan service allows instant retrieval of new antimalware definitions and shifting process of content analysis on the server, implemented as an option.

Products are designed to cover a wide range of products for all market segments:

  • Home Security Solutions - comprehensive protection for your PC with the PC-cillin Internet Security
  • Small & Medium Business - Integrated antivirus and antispam protection for small businesses, the gateway to the desktop
  • Enterprise Solutions - for the most demanding users, the decision of this group are intended for large systems (over 250 users)
  • Hosted solutions for companies that do not need their own infrastructure

Laser-Line Staff are trained to deploy solutions from Trend Micro all market segments.

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