Laserline Događaji - Biciklistički maraton Umag Bratislava 2015Charity bicycle marathon Umag - Bratislava started on 19 September 2015 from Umag. The initiator of this praiseworthy action Vlatko Možar along with colleague Filip Tišljarec, members of Police Force Umag, started cycling route to Bratislava. The goal of this charity action is to raise funds for the purchase of fast ultrasound apparatus and hematology analyzer for the emergency medical service of Umag, which would provide substantially increased efficiency and speed of diagnostics in emergency situations. Laserline has recognized the importance of this great idea for the whole community and provides financial support for the project. Laserline cycling team provided moral support on the start of the marathon and accompanied Vlatko and Filip on a long road ride for first 30km. Good luck guys!

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