Laser*MOBILE product group characteristics

Laser*MOBILE is new set of products developed for Android smartphones.

Simple, fast and flexible

  • centrally defined settings
  • order entry by region and table
  • recording of the physical number of guests
  • direct entry of items at item level
  • recording and review of fiscal accounts
  • directly recording cost of guest and partner in the Laser * ERP system
  • assigning a pre-defined discount
    • automatic discounts for the time period (action, happy hour)
    • contracted discounts defined for the partner
    • discounts for banquets, catering
  • eecording partners and clients
  • recording event types
  • ... number of additional functionalities

Laser * MOBILE functions can be used in two ways:

  1. As a terminal or extended device of an already existing physical POS with the installation of Laser * POS software, in the remote commissioning and payment of GASTRO services and products (large restaurant stores, sunbeds, pool complexes)
  2. As a stand-alone charging device where, independently of the location, it is possible to charge products and services with the issuance of a fiscalized on-site invoice and automatic transfer of data from the mobile sales point to the Laser * ERP system (mini bar, sports grounds, tickets, catering points, fast food)

Data transfer to and from the Laser*MOBILE modules is done directly from the central database, where all the information derived from the mobile devices is stored. Data upload is done on demand, in the same way it's done on our Laser*POS module, any other selling event is transferred in real time on and from the central database.

The installation process and any eventual future updating is simple, fast and optimised for mobile devices.

Invoice printing is done through small, battery powered mobile printers which allow high salesman mobility.

All the issued invoices are fiscalized on the very device currently used, and it's also possible to print daily reports on mobile printers.

Our modules work on any modern Android device, but for usage in tough enviroments (humidity, possible drops, ...) we reccomend rugged, industrial android devices. Printing is tested on the Bixolon SPP-R200IIBK mobile printer. Minimal technical characteristics of mobile device are:

  • Android OS version 5.0 or higher
  • Processor Dual Core
  • RAM 2 GB
  • Screen size 5"
  • WiFi and 3G modules, Bluetooth
  • Bixolon Bluetooth mobile printer


Laser*MOBILE - MiniBar module

 What do we get with activation of mini bar services on smartphone?

Laser*MOBILE Mini Bar module replaces manual mini bar articles data entry with automatic transfer in real time to Laserline ERP system.

Data is transferred to hospitality and F&B module resulting faster data availability (data is transferred to central database immediatelly after entry), efficient and accurate entry (fewer mistakes compared to manual entry) and ease of use (application is developed ergonomically for smartphones).

Data entered by Mini bar module is processed in Laser ERP like any other F&B point of sale.


Laser*MOBILE - Sport and Services module

 Charging for sport services, equipment rental and tickets on Laser*MOBILE smartphone

If you have a swimming pool with deck chairs, sports centers with associated services or ticket charge facilities, using Laser MOBILE module you will be able to charge products and services regardless of location with automatic data transfer to Laser ERP system and vice versa.

You will be abble to create invoice for room charge and analyze sales reports in Laser MAT or Laser BI module.


Laser*MOBILE - Gastro module

 Cache invoices regardless of sailsman location

With our Gastro module you can print catering cash invoices anywhere and absolutely independently, without the need for a POS machine.

It can be used for printing room service invoices directly in the guest's room, for usage in pool bars, bigger dislocated terrases and any other open air events where there is no infrastructure for traditional POS systems.

It covers all the important funcionality of the traditional POS paydesk system, like:

  • waitress login
  • waitress orders
  • room service charge for guest or any other event carrier registered in Laser*HIS module
  • table and table group evidence
  • guest number evidence
  • usage of the same calculative conditions as the ones on your desktop POS system
  • merging or cancellation of invoices, separation of currently processed invoices
  • item shifting between currently processed invoices
  • daily reports
  • printing invoice copies
  • withdrawal of matrices from the Laser*ERP system
  • usage of information from clients, partners, event types
  • guest tracking with bracelet (NFC technology)
  • automatic retrieval of guest data from accomodation unit wuth bracelet (NFC technology)
  • HIS packages

... and many other features.

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