Laserline TRS The main purpose of the application is to support the commercial operations of complex business systems. It supports high quality monitoring of the goods, it is evident, and financial packaging, consignment goods and cancellation of supplier, transit of goods, packing, butchers, bakers, and more. Tracking inventory at wholesale, retail or purchase price, including automatic creation of leveling. Tracking stocks in MRS methods (continuous-weighted average price, FIFO or LIFO periodic, periodic average purchase price). The application is applicable (and verified) in cash & carry system, retail network, independent stores, wholesale stores, warehouses, distribution, franchising-systems and in mixed systems. The behavior of applications in various systems are controlled by adjustable parameters. High levels of access control data and the performance of the application. Ensured optimal circulation of documents within a complex business system. Automated each business process (which can be automated): price lists in different currencies, central purchasing, ordering merchandise, goods entrance, internal orders, sales orders, periodic invoicing, work orders, bills and other finished products. Monitoring of speed ratios and age of inventory items. Optimization of processing inventory items (using the automatic ordering). Joint account external and internal customers. Aggregate receipts based dispatch and summary of suppliers' invoices. Through all of the programs supported by the use of handheld terminals and barcode environments (entry of goods, the output of goods, customer orders, order picking of goods, inventory, etc.). Supported  e distributed databases, networking, replication of master data and documents, online printing, and multi-user operation. The possibility of activating the module for automatic generation and tracking of messages within applications, integrated with the Windows interface. Monitoring the storage locations of items, track the status of action items.

The application is tightly integrated with financial module, "Laser * GLAS," in terms of the automatic posting of the entire documentation. The rules define the user's posting, so posting to the General Ledger and Accounts adaptable to the smallest detail.

Supported connection with the retail network, which is used "outside" POS applications (transmission of documents, master data, price lists, automatic leveling, and other actions, the download traffic with cash). Applications, "Laser * TRS" upgrade the OLAP module for data analysis. Keeping the necessary documentation and monitoring of legislative changes in accordance with applicable regulations of the Republic of Croatia.

The software package "Laser * TRS" consists of the following sections:

Laserline TRSGeneral information

General information call data to be used at all levels of business in all software packages (partners, address, taxes, application users, access rights, business, cost center, etc.). Applications, "Laser * OPP" concerned about the general consistency of the data, and other applications using a centralized data.

Master Data

Data user-defined applications, which are considered central to the application data. This includes information about the product, commodity groups and subgroups, programs and routines, commodity groups, and referada podreferadama procurement, replacement codes, minimum and maximum amounts, multicriteria clustering of items, enter the contract, prohibition of entry for partners, calculational conditions, rules of conduct documents (about 250 types of documents) and related cancellations, access rights to certain types of documents by the users of the IS, security settings for applications, allowed minus condition, counters, documents, rules of conduct transfer note, the automatic printing of documents, different ways of rounding off the amount, setting Retrieve articles and price lists from suppliers, etc.

The possibility of the definition of storage locations for items (used for picking the goods). Definition of activity status item (solution "fire" items). Activity status item has an impact on the behavior of a product to the application. Definition of range of goods by groups of stores.

Procurement of goods and input

Entering and review of incoming documents. Entry of goods provided in two ways: through preliminary calculations (temporary receipt-order vendor) or by direct entry of items of input document. Masks for simplified entry of goods in a way that they always used a mask to enter different types of documents. Using the temporary receipts ensure the preparation of data (quantity and price calculation) before receiving the goods, the use of handheld terminals and control of the EAN-code at the entrance, and increasing control of ordering goods and inputs. Record price lists and preparatory calculations in any currency, automatic conversion price of one currency to another. Allowing viewers ordered and undelivered goods. The delivery records on the difference of delivered and invoiced goods. Bookmarks note vendor. Various titles by recapitulation input suppliers, groups and subgroups, articles, weight monitoring and other inputs. Central procurement: Purchasing Management from a logistics center, from one database, with data available from other distributed locations. Automatic ordering based on min / max indicators. The central calculation of prices, price lists for different types of stores.

Inventory Management

Inventory tracking, quick screen overviews, review the status of partners in the Commission, stock list with the latest inputs and outputs, a list of slow moving and obsolete stock of goods, stock list "on", price lists, book lists and financial reports, credit cards and item cards items for a particular partner - customer or supplier, the cumulative card. Tracking of items by various criteria to group (applicable to items with additional attributes, type color, model, size, season, sex, sport, etc). Stala┬×nih printing labels and declarations. Prepare files for electronic scales. Optimization of inventory items. Coefficients of speed items. Action Sales (price reductions or sales of gift packages, or discounts on packaging). Monitoring and financial evident packaging (monitoring of suppliers, customers and internal customers - their retail).

Sales of goods and output

Record and view the output documentation. This unit consists of several modules.

Input and output documents, cancellations, searching and printing of output documents, tax bill (retail, wholesale, detailed and cumulative, payroll tax on the invoiced services). Billing services, the possibility of additional services (npr.prijevoza) the output document. Bookmarks note packaging customers. Foreign output of goods under the contract. Automatic application of contractual rabatnih conditions, payment terms and other conditions. The contract can define discounts for different ranks of volume (from-to quantities associated with the discount). Cassa sconto by multiple criteria (payment schedules). Automatic calculation of the input form and printing kalkulativnog list for internal customers, based on the output document (applicable to franchising-system and in monitoring its own retail network). Output of recapitulation in all dimensions (sales by program, subprogram, groups, subgroups, items, customers, suppliers of goods sold, cost center, various criteria to group and other combinations), recapitulating the output calculations, recapitulation by internal customers, monitoring of the RUC's .

Module sales orders used in systems where the goods before issuing komisionira. The module includes data entry and correction of customer orders, printing orders for picking, a list of lines per order, invoicing orders, invoice entry, reverse, offer card item per customer orders, monitoring of the commissioned and neotpremljenog, recapitulating the "lost" transactions, internal customer order and create transmitting transfer note. Customer Orders affect disposed amount (reduced free volume in the state). Estimates affect the reserved amount (also reduces free). Estimates can automatically record this in the book of outgoing invoices, and cancel the billing of the book. Reversi effect on the amount transferred (reduced free). Using hand-held terminals for picking goods. When a customer orders mark commissioned, ready for invoicing (individually or as a group billing per line). Supported internal ordering of stores to stock in several phases, automatic transmitting and receiving transfer note.

Check out the module supplier includes automatic creation of the commission check for the sold goods, screen review and update the check-out, various forms of checks and check-out the recapitulation, the card product you are bogus, neodjavljenih review articles and more. It is used to track goods in receipt of commission regime.
Management of special discounts for retail and wholesale customers. Actions, happy hours, sales of "3 for 2" and other sales activities aimed at customers with an integrated POS solution.

The module offers customers. Creating a proposal to the buyer for any of the criteria for items in stock. Freezing the price on offer with the option of N days. Creating a price list for the customer or customer group.

Advances. The possibility of taking advance payments from the bookkeeping applications, "Laser * Voice", posting them in the IRA, print the invoice for advance payment. Records of payment of advance at the store, the automatic cancellation of advance from the book of the IRA.

Summary documents (summary account of the buyer on the basis of shipment, the specification summary accounts, summary recapitulation of the various documents).
Invoicing and credit cards. Monitoring the RUC and the MRS methods (in addition to the standard output monitoring by the method of the last entry price).
Record interest and interest-free loans to customers, the calculation of the war, to supervise the collection. Record and bill credit union.


The process of inventory in stock (beginning inventory, printing lists to enter inventory, listing the amount of inventory, review inventory differences, ending inventory, and create documents "excess deficit"). Using hand-held terminal during the inventory. The inventory can be performed in multiple counts. The possibility of inventory open simultaneously for different groups and subgroups of goods. The possibility of creating a surplus deficit, the transfer of inventory quantities on the situation, starting with the sale and subsequent updating of inventory differences. The possibility of conducting an inventory on shelves, not the inventory list (reducing the required time, increases accuracy). Creating the initial situation at the turn of the year. Creating the initial state of the packaging by suppliers and customers at the turn of the year. Using hand-held terminals. Automatic reconciliation differences in criteria (proposals for offsetting items). Automatic calculation of approved streets.

Generate a message

A mechanism to automatically generate messages to the operator or operator group, which runs periodically. By activating the module "Laser * BAM" (Business Activity Monitoring, Business Alerts and Messaging), automatically generates a message that arise as a consequence of some event in the business system, which is recorded in the application (eg fall below the minimum amount of item quantities, undelivered orders suppliers) or as a result of pre-prepared treatment (eg, the expected entry of goods during the day, turnover, rate neprodavanih articles, weekly rate minus the state). Messages are sent to users of the IS that can be grouped by business functions, and the same is read as an e-mail or can be adapted for delivery to the recipient via SMS.


Analysis module is an upgrade of the application for the needs of faster and better reporting. The system can be configured to automatically generate a separate data prepared in advance only for reporting and analysis. Data can be in a separate database, so it does not burden the work of the transaction server. Reports in the graphical interface of the aggregated data as part of a TRS and as an OLAP-analysis on Microsoft and Oracle platforms, which are upgrading TWG.
The possibility of creating an independent report on various levels, where the user independently form report layout (selected data source, sets the level of grouping data and selects the columns to be displayed on the report).

Analyses of speed ratios, average sales, profitability, optimal inventory and age of stock at some time, for some retail stores or for the entire business system (when the indicators are calculated for the entire system, not taking into account internal documents as a transfer note, transit documents, etc. ). In doing so, each indicator can be displayed at any level of commodity groups (suppliers, program, routine, group, subgroup, item, default arbitrary trade unions), or organizational unit (cost center, department, sector, profit center, business entity, arbitrary default the organizational grouping).

Enter the plan and monitoring of implementation, Comparison of the previous year.

Monitoring (frames) price record price of products by competitors.

Recapitulation POS statistics: Total number of accounts and items on counters, in hours, the average is calculated and the average amount of discounts and other reports.

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