Laserline GLAS The main purpose of the application's accounting and financial support for operations of complex business systems. The application is applicable (and verified) in monitoring the operations, hoteljerskih, foreign-trade system, as well as monitoring the operations of the "third" legal persons (accounting services), independent businesses as well as a complex holding company. Supports high-quality general ledger and ledger and subsidiary ledgers (incoming invoice book, URA and the IRA, cash operations, payment, interest).

It is possible to monitor several different businesses, more business years ago with a simple consolidation of the same.

Customizing applications in various systems is defined and controlled podesivnim parameters that follow laws of business. Secured the optimal intake data are generally entered only once into the system (if freestanding, ie not tied to other applications Laser), otherwise the application is tightly integrated with other projects in terms of the automatic posting of complete documentation from the commercial information sub-systems (Laser * TRS), hotel information subsystem (Laser * HIS), the material operations (* Laser MAT), foreign-trade system (Laser * VAT), fixed assets (Laser * OSiS), payroll (Laser * PLA).

Automated each business process (which can be automated): recording of incoming invoices, recording of accrued interest, running through the info-notes as well as the creation of transfer orders and specifications (suppliers and customers), compensation, assignment, acceptances, treasury, with the automatic while posting to the general ledger and the subject accounts.

The software package LASER * Voice supports the following entities:


General information call the data used at all levels of business in all software packages (partners, address, taxes, application users, access rights, business organizational structure of a business entity, ie the system, currency, courses, etc.).

Laser applications * OPP concerned about the general consistency of the data, and other applications that use centralized data.

GLAS (General Ledger and Accounts)

The whole general ledger and ledger consists of several interconnected modules.

The module contains a set of master data of the program responsible for defining the characteristics and rules of business systems:

Define the parameters that constitute the knowledge base upon which a computer performs control when using the software package, the definition of independent accounts, types of documents according to corporate events and more.

The module records all operating system events, is credited to (or receives from a particular module) via an input mask that acts according to predefined rules. At the same time, it was the last "checkpoint" of the data sitting in the general ledger, parallel and subject accounts (closing paragraphs in the primary and foreign currency), creates a statement of open and closed items and supporting modules are updated on proknji┬×enosti business event. The automatic creation and registration of foreign exchange, and enabled the conversion of business books in other currencies.

The module contains various reports review of books (on screen for conditions or in the form of reports). Insured are legally required forms from the general ledger, ledger, customers, suppliers, foreign currency ledger. All options are possible for an individual business entity as well as the consolidation of these rules with built-in exceptions (implementation of internal, external, etc.). There is a possibility to define and print more cash flow methodology. Reports are available in parallel and Conversion currencies.

Module data analysis includes all reports that use data from general ledger and statement of open and closed items, and booking payments, which are typical of the book (cards, etc.), or used for the analysis of the recorded business events, mainly for the purposes of management's. Structure Master Data provides high-quality financial analysis of the business entity level, and higher (consolidation), and lower organizational units (depending on the elaboration of the organizational hierarchy within the firm).

Module closing fiscal year and the creation of the initial state for the next fiscal year is set on the principle that users completely independently perform the required action (independent of the IT firm).

Module monitoring tax records are automatically filled in documents from other modules. It is possible to subsequently presortiranje data within the tax period, the lock period, listing all the defined book URA and the IRA, the form of VAT.

Incoming invoices

Program unit enables monitoring record, from which it creates a book entry account. Recorded documentation of a database of records required by law on VAT. At the same time, carries out the liquidation of the account with the department documents, schedules of costs into account, the automatic recording of documents. Records are also automatic creation of data bases for payment.

All records and changes may be listed in the appropriate form depending on the needs of users (book entry of invoices, reports, invoices when due, an overview of paid and unpaid invoices, various examinations for master data) and scrolling through the records separate accounts of input (URA, invoice books, books of account of own consumption) with all the prescribed data.


Calculation of interest is strictly related to the entity performing open and closed items. Independently define the types of rates, the level of interest. Interest calculation is made based on paid and unpaid claims. It contains a series of reports with an overview and recap. Enables automatic recording of accrued interest.


The whole tracking payments, enables the automatic transfer order preparation and printing of the payment form on the basis of input invoices and estimates, and based on outstanding balances. Furthermore, we get the automatic bid for compensation, assignment, set-off. Enable monitoring akcepata, treasury management books. Based on the records of data and future collections / payments in the payment system, provided the current so-called evidence. reserved items.

The module is the automatic transfer order prepared on the basis neproknji┬×enih and booked documents. Manual data entry allows entry and correction of transfer orders. Enabled payment specifications and automatic posting and closing paragraphs to the same specification. Introduced the automatic creation of specifications for customers as the basis for posting. Easily create and specifications pay the specified amount, the priorities of the business partners and / or their seats. The application allows you to create a proposal for compensation, as well as implementation to compensate the customer, as well as automatic scrolling offsetting contracts, scrolling green transfer orders, specifications, and bills. Printing transfer orders are made to predtiskanim forms on infinite paper.

The records include invoices issued and received acceptance orders from the control collection. Realized acceptances are automatically credited to the general ledger and the subject accounts.

The module consists of business records cash payments / payment that is automatically printed forms provided. Closing cash report, enabled automatic posting to general ledger reports. Enable the logging and monitoring checks with automated posting. Browsing the specification checks for the bank at the drawee bank for the archive and more.

The module records foreign currency letters of credit allows you to enter and print a payment order for the commission or the equivalent, print out the order 14 and 15

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