oracle produkti Integral information system - Laserline Ltd. have during more than 15 years of development created ERP system that fully addresses all the needs of business management in the hotel industry and commerce. Laserline Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system represents a complete integration of all business processes and functions, control-oriented and business process management. The above provides an ideal and transparent flow of information, information necessary to manage and control operations at all organizational levels both within a company, as well as in affiliated companies or other complex businesses. The system is designed for medium and large companies in all stages of business development.

Laser Line integral information system consists of subsystems that can be used independently or as components of integrated solution. All software packages have been developed in the ORACLE RDBMS (Relational Data Base Management System) and using Oracle development tools and provides a set of solutions from business information systems and management of production processes. It features high flexibility, simplicity and portability.

Modules of Laserline integrated information system are:


Ease of Use: The main feature of our software packages is its simplicity in application: through SQL (Structured Query Language), client can control the functions and run queries in the database depending on their needs.

Transparency: ORACLE relational database provides applications running on different hardware platforms and operating systems.


  • Retail Business
  • Wholesale business
  • Foreign trade operations
  • Financial accounting and business software modules:
    • Book incoming and outgoing invoices
    • Payment Transactions
    • Accounts
    • Ledger
  • Inventories
  • Invoicing
  • Fixed Assets
  • Small inventory
  • Analysis of business results


  • Reception operations
  • Sales and booking
  • Catering Business
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