1. Characteristics


* WELL laser is used as sales of services and products, and monitoring and recording of activities at the Wellness Center (SPA and Sport). Can be used as a standalone module or as part of an integrated information system (Laser * ERP).

Provides to its customers:

  • monitoring of revenue
  • cost management
  • support for monitoring events and making business decisions
  • Automatic control of over-booking and
  • consistency of data
  • clear and transparent transactions
  • excellence of services provided
  • Ease of Use

2. A system that adapts to users

2.1. The main level master data

Laser * WELL module allows complete flexibility in the process of defining master data. Key elements that are defined in the first phase of implementation of this system are:

    1. Wellness facilities: All defined wellness spaces are numbered, and together with the description stored in the database. Placements are available operators / users of the system in order to facilitate the process when creating reservations (eg, Room No. 1 - Green Room, Room No. 2 - Blue room ...)


  1. Wellness staff: staff wellness data are stored in a database and as such are made available to operators / users. There is a set of relevant and necessary attributes that must be entered, such as name and optional attributes such as address, e-mail address, telephone number, employee ID, etc.
  2. Spa treatments and services: all services and treatments are stored in the database code and its description. In order to provide maximum efficiency for customers and operators / users of the system, each service or treatment is associated with:
    • time of service / treatment
    • possible ograničenjenjima use the services / treatment in relation to the available quantities of individual components of the services / treatments (eg Hot Stone Massage - the number of sets available for use or the number of available spaces adapted for Thai massage)
  3. Wellness programs: it is possible to combine multiple services / treatments to relax day spa package called:
    • Soap dream or eg
    • Absolute Spa Ritual
      Wellness programs may consist of several services / treatments given period. At the POS monitor code packet services. At the time of examination of income or expense, a component packet service / treatment is properly placed in the appropriate cost center to a consistent and consistent view of data distribution.
  4. Types availability: booking types are meant connecting service / treatments with wellness area and they are required when entering the reservation service / treatment plan booking.

2.2. A higher level of connection of master data

A higher level redefinition of master data, reflected in linking previously listed elements.

Each staff member is associated with a range of services provided. The above allows precise control of the availability of staff for the requested service, and to avoid any mistakes when entering reservations.

For each employee's working time is defined by calendar days, and the user defines the level of control for booking outside the scheduled working hours.

3. Enter booking - easy and error free

Laser * WELL screen provides an overview of the reservations and occupancy terms for staff. Due to the legend of colors that focuses on meaning, it is very simple insight into the situation for the requested date or period.

In the same survey carried out and the entry of reservations in a very simple way, which does not require IT expertise of staff. "User friendly" system is highly customized to users of all levels of IT knowledge. Controls that are built into the system facilitates the work of system users, such as:

  • prevent incorrect insertion of reservations due to a conflict of staff time
  • a cancellation of payment whenever there is need for the same
  • The ability to view all data in relation to the issue of consistency and review of such actions
  • * HIS reporting Laser System with reservation information of clients to conclude any outstanding service during the process of leaving it
  • Inability to change the reservation after the same closed and / or charged to the client, as long as the event does not unlock
  • ability to control the correctness of the voucher and pre-paid services / treatment that the client has acquired hotel reservations or gift voucher. These vouchers can control and communication with other subsystems in order to carry out proper control, durability and usage of the terms of the amount per service / treatment
  • consistency of replacing the term reserved in relation to pay, wellness staff and opening hours

The process of inserting, updating, and deleting the reservation consists of selecting the following elements: Laser*WELL

  • clients / customers who will be carriers of the users of services / treatments
  • service / treatment
  • wellness staff
  • period
  • cost center - SPA center (in the case of a cost center umbrella organization)

When entering the customers in the system we have two basic properties:

  • Client holder - the holder of an individual or a set of reserved services / treatment, which will be charged prior to, during or following the execution of the very services / treatments
  • Client users - users reserved services / treatments

Differentiation between the customer carrier and the client user's practical needs in everyday situations.

All customer information is stored in a central database used by other subsystems Laser Line (eg Laser * HIS * MAT Laser, Laser VITA *, * DAR Laser, Laser * Voice, Laser * BI ...) .

When you enter or change the reservation, the user one click can get a list of all possible actions at the time, and depending on the need to select the desired. The selection is arranged in an understandable and intuitive way as to facilitate business.

4. Manipulation of terms

4.1. Moving the reserved date

Move and replace our scheduled services / treatments are performed by a simple "drag & drop" the principle of performance when the operator or the executor service / treatment remains the same.

If moving services / treatment to another employee wellness benefits to action "copy & paste".

Laser * WELL strictly controls the ability to derivative changes with respect to the availability of time selected employees and the stability of selected services in the range of possible choices.

4.2. Lock the reserved date

The needs of customers are lockable reserved date. Action takes place in one click and the booking itself can not delete, modify or make any modifications as long as it does not unlock.

In this way we can provide a client acting services / treatments correctly selected the term or exactly defined service / treatment.

4.3. Avoiding the "idle"

With a simple and centralized review of reservation scheme, which can be represented in all possible combinations of time period and cost, the system immediately and in an easily understandable way, showing the user filled / Leisure Centre facilities, enabling the user / operator:

  • transparent access to all resources plan
  • data management in a very intelligent way
  • Ease of Use
  • If automation is required

5. Optimization of business

When selecting a system for managing wellness center, there are several important factors to be taken into account, as for example:

  • That system allows unlimited definition of services, products, packages ...
  • That, at any time can have insight into the booking regardless of the insertion of reservations ...
  • That the system does not require specially qualified users / operators to handle ...

Laser * WELL system in a fast and automated method provides the optimum solution. Even the staff was not well enough acquainted with the business logic, one can easily optimize your reservation.

Laser System * WELL user / operator quickly and easily provides a free and appropriate qualified personnel according to predefined criteria, the service user. Of course, the user / operator can modify the solution in specific situations, eg if the customer specifically asks a therapist.

Before the confirmation of booking and guests, the system must be user / operator to offer the optimum choice that takes into account all the business elements such as:

  • available personal
  • available working hours per employee
  • variety of choices of services provided by each individual worker
  • maximum utilization of services (total amount of available funds, for example, sets of 2 pieces of stone massage hot stone)
  • packages with preset composition of products

6. Training of employees

The system for managing wellness center * WELL Laser is designed to provide support to employees regardless of their IT knowledge. Therefore, the operational part of the system must be simple, fast and intuitive. Even employees with low levels of IT knowledge quickly becomes aware that such a business system indispensable support its work.

Using Laser * WELL system minimizes the time and training costs and enables flexible employment of the workforce. Centralized information system must be a link between the various departments because the differences between computer systems in different departments of landscape impact system flexibility and increased risk of errors. Because the Laser * WELL designed as an integration with centralized base software with Laser Line ERP * (eg if someone is in any department make a reservation, it is the moment of entry is visible to everyone).

The connection with the applicant tracking module allows the user / operator a simple overview of the essential characteristics of all employees and potential candidates:

  • language skills of candidates according to the languages ​​and the knowledge level of speech and writing,
  • of the company where he worked for a candidate, with a period of work and workplaces,
  • education with the name of educational institution
  • access to licenses, professional examinations, medical and other examinations which the candidate is committed to the acquisition date and the expiration
  • for one candidate for the employee may enroll more jobs that would like to work, as well as several facilities that would like to work

7. Manage relationships with guests

Laser * WELL system for managing wellness center allows guests personalized service that aim to meet the needs of each individual customer, which makes the differentiation of those wellness centers that are not sufficiently concerned about the needs and desires of guests. Laser * WELL guarantees repeat or not repeat provisions that are, or who did not meet the guest. In order to ensure that all desire must be carefully updated. What is favoriziranija perception of customer awareness of their needs and desires, it is less visible, competition.

A wide range of services offered makes personal marketing even more important. Laser * WELL offers the ability to create personalized palettes depending on the preferences of the customer as an individual customer is to be the target market of each wellness center.

8. Image and vision

The goal of any wellness center is to be one step ahead of others, or be on the one hand recognized as the first in the region, on the other side to be innovative, future-oriented and dynamic. Creating such an image in the minds of the customer does not happen by itself. Therefore, each center needs support technologies that will enable the construction of the desired image.

9. A system that is highly configurable

* Well Laser is highly configurable. The user can independently choose how to display reservation scheme and how to run their own data.
The user can only affect the interface:

  • defining the colors used when displaying hours
  • defining the types of information that are displayed in the booking (the display is called the client, the combination of services and client name ,...)
  • defining colors in relation to the status of reservations (which color to use when paid services, which when closed, and that when the client from the HIS system ...)
  • choice of data types that will be displayed in the tooltip-in
  • variable reservation homes - terms of time (for 5, 10, ... min)
  • how to change your reservation homes (defined only reduce the reservation, or just increase ,...)...

The above features enable the system to adapt to the needs and also other cities in the tourism industry such as sports centers, golf centers, etc.

10. The target calculations

Department SPA is becoming more independent in a business organization which leads to an increasing need for specialized managerial reports for that area.

Reports that the Laser * WELL-in offer are:

  • Viewing hours for an individual employee personnel
  • Review your booking guests or groups of guests
  • Summary statistics of reservations
  • Summary statistics sells products

11. Applied Technology

Java is a development tool that provides an independent platform with a secure future, and provides a simple and practical application for users regardless of his IT knowledge. The base of this entire subsystem is Oracle technology, which indicates a high level of security of the database.

12. Supporting the organization's multi - capacity

Laser * WELL allows collection of data of different business entities and consolidated view of the group. Administration data on guests is located centrally in the same database in which is why all the data available to each user (if you have access), regardless of where the hotel is. All reports can be generated depending on the location from which the request is sent. Advantage Laser System * WELL is that the same is not limited spatial dimension. All data is centralized and can be detected in real time it is entered.

13. High integration with Laser * BI ("Business Intelligence")

Laser*WELL Laser Module * WELL, like all other Laser modules * ERP, pouring their data into the system for business intelligence: Laser * BI. The concept of organized and systematic collection, analysis and use of information resources with the aim of making faster and better business decisions, the purpose is to achieve better competitiveness.

Laser*WELL Laser*WELL

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