Information system monitoring tools provide basic quality monitoring inputs, outputs, states of fixed assets, inventory, and the calculation of depreciation and revaluation. The software package can be used independently or in whole with a financial package.


The software package includes:

  • Keeping the general data
  • Keeping master data
  • Input, output, monitoring
  • Tracking inventory
  • Depreciation
  • Calculation of the revaluation
  • Saving Data

Keeping the general data

Under this general information to consider data on municipalities, post offices and units of measure. These data are common to all parts of the information system.

Keeping master data

Keeping master data consists of defining and reviewing data on business entities for which follows the business, cost center, different types of revaluation and the corresponding coefficients, depreciation method, depreciation groups (nomenclatures), commissions, texts record the types of documents, as well as input and update data about the very basic resources. Keeping fixed assets is provided by inventory numbers (plates) or by internal code that is automatically assigned, but the alert.

Input, output, monitoring

Monitoring of inputs and outputs of fixed assets includes the entry and update of the input and output documents: receipt-invoice allowance, the surplus-deficit, expenditure, delivery note, prijelaznica, (within a single business entity or several), printing the record on all types of documents and printing šifranata the ingroup and the depreciation rate. Monitoring of conditions includes a fast and efficient querying of the purchase value, the values ​​of depreciation (amortization) and current value of fixed assets at all levels (by business unit, cost center, group depreciation, specific account, etc.), and the on-track chronology of the same.

Tracking inventory

The inventory of fixed assets includes the printing of enumeration list for the commission a list of basic resources, data entry and correction of inventory quantities, checks inventory differences, corrected the situation of fixed assets.


The software package allows the calculation of depreciation by two methods: diminishing - geometric and linear depreciation method.

Depreciation is calculated on the level of company, cost center, fixed assets and the level of the month allowing a variety of further analysis. In addition to regular depreciation is possible to release the temporary depreciation (for posting during the year).

Calculation of the revaluation

Calculation of the revaluation, the revalued fixed asset base and its depreciated value. After the calculation it is possible to print the mandatory forms: REV-2, REV-3, REV-4

The data obtained by the calculation of depreciation, preliminary calculations and the calculation of the revaluation, it is automatically posted into the accounting software package LASER * Voice.


All data are saved and stored on magnetic media, and if necessary they can read and use.

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