usluge With it's team of designers, consultants, system engineers, developers and other IT professionals, Laserline provides a variety of services in information technology, ranging from consulting with implementation it's own IT system to the analysis of existing business processes and adaptation for the purpose of more efficient operations.


Help with purchase

If you decide to purchase our software packages, our designers along with your staff responsible for the implementation of software solutions will perform analysis of your business proccesses and suggest the most efficient way to organize and implement IT system.

Assistance in implementation

During implementation of IT solution in your business we offer assistance with installation, testing and putting system in operation. This way our designers are in direct contact with your employees and pass the knowledge required for successful application of the IT solution. During your working hours we offer telephone assistance from project team which will provide all the necessary answers to the questions of your employees regarding optimal use of application modules, system software, Oracle database administration and Oracle development tools.


For successful implementation of information systems we offer education through which your employees are trained to work with the application system. Seminars can be held in our school center in Umag, or your company.

Help in developing

If you develop specific applications that you want to connect and integrate with our IT system, we offer assistance through consulting or training of your engineers.

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