Payroll software package allows the calculation of salaries several times a month (optional) and automatic transfer of the accounts.


  • Keeping master data
  • Defining the types of payments
  • Keeping data on taxes and contributions
  • Periodic listing of records
  • Processing of data on wage
  • Reports and documents for the payment of wages
  • Periodic reports

Keeping the general data

General information to consider data on geopolitical entity (countries, regions, counties, municipalities, towns, post offices), information on businesses, the company and its hierarchical structure. These data are common to all parts of the information system.

Keeping master data

The basis of master data, data on employee required to pay wages. Before that must be defined by various šifranici djelatnikov related to employment, as well as the entities that paid Virmani in paying salaries.

Defining the types of payments

Every business has its own vision of salary payments by several modes defined in the collective agreement. Therefore, there is the possibility of defining the various types of payments, their grouping for easy monitoring of executive work and costs, as well as Parametriziranje.

Keeping data on taxes and contributions

When payment of wages the company is obliged to pay taxes and contributions. Tax rate and the contribution of water with respect to a municipality, type of employment of workers and tax group.

Periodic listing of records

Unlike periodic data update as necessary, before any salary is paid, you must enter a record of each worker for the desired period, which is defined prior to the entry records. One can also define data processing related to the company or for a specific cost center. Before a final statement for the period, the records can be controlled and corrected. There is an automatic entry for all workers, if the payment of wages can be incorporated in the two easiest ways of processing: the entry, or as a percentage of full-time work. It also automatically be entered wages that are related to past payments.

Processing of data on wage

Before splitting the required reports and documents necessary to let the payroll, with the calculated amounts and taxes, as well as lower changes in master data. If the amounts do not meet, it is possible to repeat the process until it finally closes. Treatment may be repeated for all or only certain employees (eg, if we had some mistakes in entering records of hours). After that, it is possible to browse the various reports and perform automatic transmission in the accounts.

Periodic reports

For a variety of analysis and statistics can flip through periodic reports, which is enough to define the period.

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