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integracija ERP System Laserline Ltd.

Laserline Ltd. has many years' experience in developing integrated information systems based on Oracle technology implemented in the largest trade and hotel companies in Croatia. Through 15 years we developed ERP system that fully addresses all the needs and preferences in business management in the hotel industry and trade.

In the initial phase of the implementation, Laserline provides full support and consultancy in setting up an organization that optimizes the business processes at all levels. In companies with the new organization, which is under the existing business development, Laserline experience and knowledge of professionals in providing quality solutions to business processes, such a company to further rapid development. The companies in the high stage of development, Laserline has the role of the optimization process to subtle detail, helping businesses achieve maxi differentiation in the market the same branch.

The logical flow of information systems development after implementation of ERP systems is introduced, and other business functions based on information technologies. Thus, we next ERP system developed or are developing the following products:

  • Analysis of BI - BI
  • Internet B2B
  • Supply Chain Management - SCM
  • CRM ...

Concept ERP business system

Laserline's ERP system consists of each firm and well-connected modules:

  • Laser OPP - subsystem of the general data
  • Laser GLAS - Financial and accounting information subsystem
  • Laser TRS - Commercial information subsystem
  • Laser HIS - Hotel Information Subsystem (hotels, SIKYAP and marine)
  • Laser F & B - Catering Information Subsystem
  • Laser MAT - Managing the cost of materials and services
  • Laser PLA - Payroll
  • Laser HR - Human Resources Management
  • Laser OSiS - Management of fixed assets
  • Laser SIG - Safety rules (virtual private database)

Laserline's ERP system is based on a high level of integration of all modules, including data, information and documents they circulate continuously through a tight and well placed links. Optimum defined organization of the company achieves a great time savings in operating business processes. On the other hand, managers at all organizational levels and areas of operation, the system provides strong support for the decision-making at the tactical and strategic level of the company.

Of e-business (B2B)

The integration of Internet technology with Laser ERP business system ensures quick, easy and secure communication with business partners in the exchange of goods and services, and workers in the field easy access to central business system for obtaining timely information relevant to their work and input of new data

With the implementation of B2B systems, a strong connection between customer and supplier through which provides a unique system of mutual exchange of electronic data. Under the exchange of data means primarily to exchange information about new products, offers, price lists, to change the calculation conditions, actions, exchange of incoming documents such as purchase orders, invoices, invoices, refunds, and how, etc. Such a method postiu┬×e the following:

  • shorten the ordering process
  • achieves the optimal inventory levels
  • reduce the operating costs of procurement, such as the costs of ordering, storage
  • know what and when something needs to be ordered
  • know from whom to order with a previously known procurement costs
  • decreases during the updating
  • gets to the accuracy and currency of data

System for business intelligence (BI)

  • Laser DAY - Daily Business Inelligence (Daily Report)
  • Laser MIS - Management Analysis (decision support)


Subsystem for managerial reporting consists of monitoring the implementation, planning and comparison of current and previous year. Provides ability to create various reports based on the operating plan (Income Statement), the financial plan (cash flow and balance sheet), and physical plan (number of overnight stays, availability of units, number of visits ...). The obtained data represent a basis for strategic managers and strategic decision making.

Implementation and support

At the implementation stage of Laserline's ERP system, the company's employees were involved in the process of training, consultancy set up by the definition of organization, the organization set themselves business processes within the company. Users are given a consultation in order to achieve optimal organizational structure of the data to increase operational efficiency. Education and training are an integral part of system implementation. Technical assistance and customer support is provided in several ways: help-desk, on-site support, continuous monitoring of the system, mail, Web server support.


Security systems and access to the data itself is realized at several levels:

  • Access to information - via a local area network or WAN links unique username and password, primarily at the level of the network operating system on which the application is (application server), and then additional authentication data to access the application that resides within the Oracle database
  • Archiving of data - were developed automated procedures for archiving on a daily basis and to the reliable arhivne devices (DAT and DLT tape, etc.) and archival database


One of the biggest advantages of Laserline's ERP system provides all users, is the functionality of the entire business solution. Behind it lies the same business process management and documentation, financial management, accounting, planning and human resources, interconnection procurement and sales, automation of ordering and receiving merchandise, inventory management, warehouse organization and inter-warehouse operations, various features and methods of keeping and returning of stock , business analysis, reporting, statistics ...


One of the important characteristics of this system is the applicability of the wholesale, distribution, retail, service and service industry, publishing, printing and distribution, hotels and catering, pharmaceutical industries and distribution ...


With regard to the further development of existing applications, typical of Laserline's system is to continuously optimize each module system, add new functions to existing modules. In addition, Laserline has a continuous tendency to extend the functionality of the new business segments. In the phase of the development of further integration with Internet technologies, OLAP analysis and upgrading.

When it comes to new technologies of implementation, a reference to the adaptation of existing modules for Oracle Internet Application Server technology, the use of IAS for the Internet and Internet solutions to full integration Laserline Business to Business (B2B) portals with ERP-infection, and Development of Internet Application Hosting system (working on applications over the Internet).

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