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mreze The realization of projects of integrated information systems, the most important prerequisite for the functioning of the system is very well done computer network that has the capacity and throughput in a position to meet the demands for reliable and efficient operation of all system elements. Therefore, the design and execution of computer networks, cabling of local area networks in cooperation with our partners, or to connect remote offices with switches using a distributed network solution to the configuration of network protocols and network structure, with maximum access to care.

Since the implementation of centralized information solutions with data in one place, it is especially important to connect all units in an integrated information system, thereby maintaining a satisfactory performance in the work.

Laser Line with its partners, for the purpose of introducing their own information systems, designs and implements computer networks of all types and levels:

  • LAN (local area) networks based on Ethernet protocol, structurally cabled UTP or optical cables
  • WAN (distributed) networks based on different solutions:
    • Linking remote locations with a central through the Internet using VPN technology
    • Permanent links to connect remote locations 24 hours a day higher speeds, in situations where the remote units of the need to access multiple workstations central location
    • Wireless (wireless) connection elements of the system where possible and economically justified
  • Security solutions - firewalls, intrusion detection and unified threat management (UTM) Systems

Given the quality of professionals and knowledge available to us, we are able to independently or with partners to design and execute the best solution for the introduction of Laser Line integrated information system in the company's partners a combination of all these network technologies.

Laser Line integral information system fully in communication relies on standardized TCP / IP network protocol.

Local area network (LAN)

Local networks today are based on the Ethernet network protocol with derived category 5e UTP cabling or more. The rule is the realization of the project segment by introducing high-speed intelligent network 100/1000 Mbit / s switch (manageable switch), if necessary with virtual LAN (VLAN) segments. The request for the efficient operation of Laser Line integral information system bandwidth of 100 Mbit / s in a client / server version, a 128 Kbit / s per user in the Application Server variant (alikacija in web browser - the browser).

Distributed network (WAN)

When sizing WAN networks, factors that take into account the number of workstations that access the central servers, the cost and availability of various solutions. In doing so it strives to meet all essential prerequisites for the efficient operation of the system:

  • speed of the application
  • complete centralization of the system (increased safety and reliability of data)
  • protection of data
  • stability in the work
  • use local printers and print Croatian letters
  • VPN technology to connect

If you need to connect a small number of workstations with a central office, using the DSL VPN technology. Reasons for using this technology are primarily due to cost-effectiveness compared to other solutions, as well as efficacy and safety in working with IPSec-based VPN links that are active 24 / 7 or are established as needed. Typically, this concept is used for locations up to 10 remote locations, given the requirement for a minimum bandwidth of 128 Kbit / s per workstation for the Laser Line Information System and limit upload speed DSL links.

VPN technology

mreze shema VPN is the result of reduced costs in operation has become the dominant technology for connecting remote sites to a central location. Considering the organization and technological solution for which the Laserline system is designed as a fully centralized IT system, it is necessary to ensure quality data links that enable the efficient operation of the system with minimum downtime.

Produced for the safety and reliability are mainly used VPN links based on IPSEC technology with 3DES encryption and Internet Key Exchange protocol.

VPN links can be executed on different types of data links, depending on the number of users of the system from remote locations, existing infrastructure and introducing new features. If you need to connect a small number of remote locations up to 10 or so users, typically due to low cost DSL links using exploitation to which the VPN tunnels realize its own (more than 4 sites) or in conjunction with partner companies - providers of Internet services (ISP ).

If you need to connect multiple remote users with a central location, the VPN connection is implemented in collaboration with the ISPs. In certain situations, we realize VPN solutions on a rented links independently, mainly when such links already exist and need the same conversion.

Wireless networks

If the dislocated branches in the range of several kilometers, and among them there is a line of sight, it is possible to realize the connection and wireless solutions. In such cases, the locations are integrated into a single logical network based on standard B or G depending on the distance and number of segments connected wirelessly to the network.  

Permanent links

To connect multiple workstations to the central office can use a regular data lines. Such links are reliable, but expensive.


Laser Line is connected to the Internet via dual links with separated traffic local network to the Internet from public service, from a security point of controlled traffic krez firewall.

We have our own public servers (web server, mail server, DNS server, FTP server, etc.) that are located in a central location in Umag in air-conditioned premises protected 12KVA UPS system at a constant link with the spare link and a static public IP addresses protected by a modern firewall systems. All of the above is a quality infrastructure for providing Internet services in the implementation of the entire IT solutions:

  • Website Hosting company partners with static content or CMS solution
  • Mail server for partners with antivirus and antispam protection, and webmail solution
  • Own DNS server with a domain registration service in the HR domain space (

In addition we provide consultancy services and implementation of Internet access for partners with a complete service:

  • Connecting through VPN technology (IPSec, SSL VPN) using a permanent link or DSL
  • Planning and implementation of IT security systems using modern UTM system (hardware or software-realized)
  • Specializing Antivirus / antispam solutions on our or your servers
  • Maintenance of IT infrastructure with proactive system monitoring with alerting solutions

Security Solutions

Each network computer is necessary to protect the peripheral parts ie connecting points of connection to the Internet or other networks. In collaboration with partners, Laserline supplied, installed and implemented a comprehensive security protection, starting with the firewall (firewall) to the UTM solution (Unified Threat Management). Using equipment from leading companies in their fields (Fortinet UTM solutions) implemetiramo security systems that protect against:

  • Access to private data on the network level (Stateful Packet Filtering)
  • Access to dangerous content on the Internet (content filtering)
  • Viruses, trojans and other threats in addition to antivirus solutions from Trend Micro
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