European competition in team first aid, FACE 2015, was held from 10th to 13th September 2015 in Bucharest, Romania. Senior team of the Red Cross Bujština, who represented the Republic of Croatia, participated in this prestigious and important event. On 28 spots positioned in one of the parks, of which as many as 14 were live demos, the team had to demonstrate acquired first aid knowledge and skills. The competition was extremely demanding and difficult, but first aid team from Buje showed exceptional skill and quality and received praise from the judges especially when it comes to organization and speed in treating injuries. Out of the top 28 teams from Europe, teams of Red Cross Bujština won an excellent 11th place. Financial support for these projects is important for the whole society, as it promotes humanity, impartiality and unity, recognized and sponsored by the Laserline. Congratulations to the Red Cross team Bujština for results and we wish them success in their future work.

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