tecaj Everyday intake of Exchange Rates in business applications is a task that takes a great amount of time. Given that it is entering a numeric value with 6 decimal places, the possibility of error is large and requires employees complete concentration. In addition, the error is difficult to perceive and subsequently correct them, and I enter it normally takes do before or at the very beginning of working hours as an additional burden on staff.

For these reasons, the Laserline in the developed automated procedure for entering exchange rates directly into the business system to the web sites of banks. The system is currently implemented for the following banks:

  • Erste & Steiermarkische
  • Croatian National Bank
  • Istrian Credit Bank
  • Raiffeisen Bank
  • Bank of Zagreb

The system operates in a way that the exchange rates of these banks is retrieved and stored on a web server Laserline (www.laserline.hr) and from that location to be transferred directly to the authentication system business partner companies. Switching is realized so that the employees of business partners within Laserline system activates the option of the reach of exchange rates, after which the system connects to Laserline web server, log on to the system and shifting exchange rates directly into Oracle's business base.

A prerequisite for using the service on the server that contains the operating system Laserline has enabled HTTP access to the Internet. Exchange rates are on a public server www.laserline.hr stored in Oracle database and are available exclusively via the HTTP protocol, and only from Laserline business system.

The service is free of charge, for details contact Laserline Helpdesk on telephone number 052 725 600 or mail with the address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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