Laserline Događaji - 12. odbojkaški turnir Umag Laserline Događaji - 12. odbojkaški turnir Umag 12th International Volleyball Tournament for the day of the city of Umag will be held on Saturday 05/07/2016. It is organized by Volleyball Club Melia Hotels Umag and sponsored by the City of Umag with the support of many local companies, one of which is Laserline. Matches will be played from 9 am to 18 pm on three volleyball courts in sports hall in Umag. The tournament will feature 22 teams in the youngest competitors, juniors, cadets and younger female cadets and from Croatian and neighboring countries of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Italy and Slovenia. Entrance is free!

Attached is a schedule of games, in gallery you will find a poster of the event and our advertising banner created by our colleague Matthew.

Raspored Igre

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